Apostolic Episcopal Church

The Apostolic Episcopal Church (AEC) is a Western Rite mission of the Chaldean Catholic Church established in the State of New York in 1925 and still headquartered there today. The AEC has since its inception been devoted to the widest possible ecumenical outreach, and works in the ethos of the declaration of the Assembly of The World Council of Churches in New Delhi 1961. Its overall character is contemplative and devoted to the inner spiritual tradition within the Christian heritage, oriented towards New Age and New Thought in the original meaning of those terms.
The Apostolic Episcopal Church enjoys close links with many other churches and communities including those which share its Orthodox heritage as well as others in the Catholic and Protestant traditions. Since 1998, it has been led by Primate Archbishop Francis C. Spataro.

The Apostolic Episcopal Church was established in 1925 by Reverend Arthur W. Brooks (1889-1948), a priest of the Episcopal Church, USA, and noted seminary professor and journalist with Walt Whitman’s renowned Brooklyn Eagle newspaper.  Elevated to the office of Archbishop of Ebbsfleet by the Patriarchate of the Eastern Chaldean Church on May 4, 1925, +Brooks situated the initial Synod of the AEC at historic ChristChurch by the Sea, Broad Channel Island, New York. In the years immediately following the horrors of World War I, Bishop Brooks envisioned a church that sought unity over division, healing over strife.  It was his guiding conviction that though differing opinions and theological interpretations have always existed within the Church, the unifying love of one another through Christ, if vigorously pursued, could overcome any external obstacles to peace and cooperation among the faithful.

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