Directory of Saints
Here is a list of well known and some not so well known saints. Each one is a link which will take you to a description of that saint, and a short history and explanation of why their sainthood came about. Where a saint has a 'day' (St Georges Day for example) the date is shown. There are many prominent people who have not been 'canonised' (which is recognised as saints), some more deserving, perhaps, than those who are. See our for these people.

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St Aaron                    A Briton who went to France as a hermit. Became Abbott. (AD unknown)
St Aidan                    Born in Connaught, Ireland. Later worked at St David's monastery in Wales. (AD 626)
St Agnes                    Martyred by sword at 13 years old for her faith, after refusing to marry a wealthy suitor.(AD 304)
St Andrew
                   Patron Saint of Scotland. St Andrews Day:  November 30th
St Ambrose                Bishop of Milan (AD 397)
St Alban                      Roman soldier, a pagan who sheltered a fleeing priest by wearing his cloak. He was converted by this and was executed still wearing the cloak. The Roman town of Verulanium became known as St Alban's Hertfordshire UK after the church built in his name. (AD 209)
St Aldhelm                Bishop and Abbott, English Scholar and King's advisor. Bishop of Sherborne (Dorset, England) (AD 709)
St Alexander              Archbishop of Alexandria (AD 328)
St Anne                       Reputed to be the mother of Mary and therefore Grandmother to Jesus.
St Angelarius
St Antholian                One of the martyrs of Auvergn, France in reign of Emperor Valerian (AD 265)
St Anthony (The Great)
St Anselm                    Archbishop of Canterbury (AD 1109)
St Athanasius            Archbishop of Alexandria (AD 373)
St Augustine                Archbishop of Canterbury  (circa AD 604)
St Austell                    The daughter of Brychan of Wales. Confessor and follower of St Newman of Cornwall, England. (AD 6th Cent. date unknown)
St Ava                          Princess who was cured of blindness by a priest. Became nun at Hainault, Essex, England and later Abbess. (AD unknown)

St Barnard                   Archbishop of Vienne, France. Founded Romans Abbey in AD 837. (AD 841).
St Barnabas                Patriach of Yugoslavia
St Bartholomew
St Basil                        Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia (AD 379)
St Bennett
St Bernard                (AD 1153)
St Bernadette
St Birgitta                    (AD1373)
St Bridget
St Boniface                Apostle of Germany and Archbishop of Mainz (AD 755)
St Botolph
St Buryan

St Cadoc                    Welsh Abbot (circa AD570)
St Edmund Campion
St Candidus                Martyr at Carthage, Egypt. Possibly Ethiopian, possibly Coptic. (AD 259)

St Cassian                   St John Cassian (circa AD 435)
St Catherine of Siena (AD 1380)
St Cedd
St Chadd
St Christopher                Patron Saint of those journeying
St Chrysostom               Bishop of Constantinople
St Clair                            A Norse saint
St Clement                    Bishop of Rome (circa AD 100)
St Colette                      Female Franciscan tertiary who reformed the Poor Clares (France), one group adopting the name 'Colettes' in respect. (AD 1807)
St Columb
St Columba                    Missionary from Ireland who brought Christianity to west coast of Scotland.
St Cyprian                    Bishop of Carthage (AD 258)
St Cyril                            Archbishop of Alexandria (AD 444)
St Cyril of Jerusalem    (AD386)

St David                        Patron Saint of Wales. St Davids Day: March 1st.
St Dunstan                    (AD 988)  A Farrier. The devil asked to have horeshoes fitted. Dunstan made it so painful, the devil leaves all doors with a horeshoe hung alone.

St Eligius                        (AD 660)  Metalworker who became a Bishop. Patron saint of Farriers and REME (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) of the British Army.
St Eloi                            Another name for St Eligius

St Paul Florensky
St Francis of Assissi    (AD 1226)  famed for his caring of living things
St Francis of Sales        Evangelist and preacher
St Francis Page            (AD 1602) Jesuit martyr. Born in Belgium, to a protestant family. Became catholic priest. Imprisoned & martyred for this in England.
St Fridolin                        Irish Benedictine abbot. Evangelist who worked in Rhine Valley, Germany. (AD 540)

St George                        Patron Saint of England. Famed for slaying the dragon. St Georges Day: April 23rd.
St Gerald                          French Abbot, selected by the pope to reform parts of the church in Spain (AD 1109).
St Gertrude                        German virgin who became Abbess of Helfa. (AD1302)
St Giles                            (AD720)  A wealthy Greek who turned to prayer and solitude in France.
St Gregory of Nazianzum        Bishop of Constantinople (AD 389)
St Gregory of Nyssa        (circa AD 396)
St Gregory The Great        Pope. (AD 604)

St Helier
St Hilary                            Bishop of Poitiers (AD 368)

St Ignatius                         Bishop of Antioch (circa AD 115)
St Irenaeus                        Bishop of Lyons (circa AD 202)
St Ives

St Jacob of Nisibis          aka James 1st bishop of Nisibis. Part of the Council of Nicaea. Of the Syriac church & seminary at Nisibis. (AD 338)
St Jambert                        aka Lambert.  Archbishop of Canterbury (AD 792)

St James                            Disciple of Jesus. Apostle. Epistle writer.

St Jaques Fremin            French Jesuit. Took Catholic Christian missions to North American Indians (AD 1691)

St Jerome                        Scholar. Creator of the St Jerome Missal
St John                                Disciple of Jesus. Apostle. Gospel Writer and author of Revelation and others.
St John of Damascus        (circa AD 752)

St Jonas                            Egyptian monk. Gardener & hermit. (4th Cent.)
St Joseph                            Husband of Mary Mother of Jesus. Therefore Guardian (foster father) of Jesus.
St Joseph of Arimathaea       

St Joshua                            OT figure who served Moses by direct order from God (therefore a saint). See Book of Joshua. Date unknown.
St Jude
St Just                                Titular saint of part of Cornwall, England. (AD Unknown) 
St Justa                                Martyr of Sardinia. Died Cagliari. (AD 130)
St Justin                                (AD 167) Martyr.    

St Katherine Cree
St Katherine of Genoa
St Kiara                                 Irish virgin of Tipperary, Ireland. (AD 680).
St Kieran (the younger)        Abbott of Clonmacnois, the Irish seat of learning on the banks of the river Shannon. (AD unknown).
St Kevin                                Founded a monastery at Glendalough, Ireland (AD unknown).

St Laurence O Toole            Archbishop of Dublin (12th Cent)

St Leo                                Pope Leo I   (AD 461)
St Ledger

St Lucy                                Patroness of good eyesight.
St Luke                                Disciple of Jesus. Apostle. Gospel Writer and author of Book of Acts. Historian and Doctor.

St Levan

St Macrina                            Grandmother of St Basil (approx AD270)
St Mark                                Disciple of Jesus. Apostle. Gospel Writer.
St Magnus                            Norse saint.
St Martin of Tours                Soldier who turned himself to Christ, later founding a Monastery. Became 'Apostle of Gaul'.
St Mary                                Mary Mother of Jesus. Holy Mother. Blessed Virgin.
St Mary Magdelene            Associate of Jesus and his disciples.
St Matthew                            Disciple of Jesus. Apostle. Gospel writer.
St Mawgan
St Meletius                            Bishop of Antioch (AD 381)
St Michael                            Messenger. Patron of Angels.
St Monica                            Mother of St Augustine, Bishop of Hippo.

St Naum
St Nicholas                            Father Christmas! Bishop of Myra
St Non

St Ola                                    Norse Saint
St Osmund

St Pabo                                Benedictine monk who founded monastery at Anglesey, Wales after rejecting his Pictish warrior days. (AD 510)
St Paul                                    Apostle. Called by God on the Damascus Road. Epistle writer. (circa AD 66)
St Patrick                              Patron Saint of Ireland. Apostle of Ireland and Archbishop of Armagh (AD 461). St Patricks Day: March 17th
St Peter                                 Disciple of Jesus. Apostle. Reputed to be the first Pope. (circa AD 65)
St Philip                                  Disciple of Jesus. Apostle. Born in Bethsaida, Gallilee. (circa AD 70)
St Pio of Petralcina                20th  century monk said to have carried the wounds of Christ
St Polycarp                            (AD 155) Student of St John the Gospel Writer. Became Bishop of Smyrna. Martyr.

St Quentin                            Roman Christian missionary worked in Gaul (France). Martyred. (AD unknown)

St Raphael
St Richard of Chichester        (AD 1253) An unusual Bishop, who preferred simple things. Famous for St Richards prayer.
St Robert of Bury St Edmunds        Ficticious boy martyr whose death was blamed on Jews. (AD 1181 earliest recording of the story)
St Rognwald                        Norse spelling of St Ronald (see entry for St Ronald)
St Ronald                            Warrior chieftain in Orkney Islands, Scotland. Made vow to build a church. Built St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall. Martyred there. (AD1158).
St Rufus                              Martyr of Antioch, thrown to beasts by Emperor Trajan 2 days before St Ignatius. (AD unknown).

St Saviour                            Jesus is the most important character in the faith but is not a saint! However, He is referred to sometimes as St Saviour.
St Sergius
St Stephen                            St Stephens Day 26th December, also called Boxing Day.
St Swithun
St Simon
St Sunniva                            Norse saint

St Tabitha                            Widow, from Joppa. Mentioned in Acts 9:36-42. Fell ill & died. Raised to life by St Peter. (1st century).
St Tacceus                           One of the martyrs at Alexandria, Egypt. (AD unknown).
St Theodore of Studium    (AD 826)
St Telemachus                    (circa AD 403)  Monk who tried to part fighting gladiators.
St Theresa of Avila              (circa 1380)  Nun who founded the convent of San Jose in Avila in 1362
St Teresa (pending)          Mother Teresa, Missionary in India. Not yet canonised
St Thomas
St Thomas Aquinas            (AD 1274)
St Thomas More
St Tiberius                            Martyr alongside Modestus and Florentia, persecuted by Emperor Diocletian, at Agde, France, (AD 303).
St Tikhon
St Timon                                One of the 7 deacons chosen by the Apostles to serve the community of Nazarenes at Jerusalem (1st century).

St Ulric                                Bishop of Augsberg, Germany. Rebuilt city & cathedral after plundering by Magyars. Later accused of nepotism. (AD993)
St Ultan                                Bishop of Ardbraccan, Ireland. Cared for poor & widows. Illustrated many manuscripts (AD 657)
St Uni                                    Bishop & missionary who evangelised much of Sweden & Denmark (AD 936)
St Urania                            One of the Kemet Martyrs. Ethiopian/Abyssinian church. (AD unknown)
St Ursula                             Daughter of Cornish King (England). (circa AD 480)
St Ursus                             Bishop of Auxere, France. Hermit. (AD 508)

St Valens                                Bishop & Martyr (date unknown)
St Valentine                            St Valentine's Day 14th February.
St Valerie
St Venantius Fortunatus        Bishop of Poitiers (circa AD 600)
St Villicus                                (AD 568) Bishop of Meta, France. Named in writings of Venantius Fortunatus.
St Vincent                                (AD950) Benedictine Abbot.
St Vincent of Lerins                (circa AD 450)
St Vincent de Paul                  (AD 1660)  Was once a slave at sea. Later founded the community of the Sisters of Mercy.
St Vintila                                   Benedictine monk and hermit. Galicia, Spain. Had many followers. (AD 890).
St Vladimir

St Walburgha                        Daughter of West Saxon King, Educated at Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England. (AD779)
St Willibrord                            (AD 738) Archbishop of Utrecht 
St Wilfrith                                (AD 709)  Monk of Lindisfarne. Taught the poor to be fishermen.
St Winebald                            (AD 7th Cent) Hermit & Abbot of monastry at St Loupe-de-Troyes, France.

St Francis Xavier                   (AD 1552)

St Yared                            Alexandrian Abbot (Egypt)  (AD unknown)
St Yona                             One of the Kemet Martyrs. Ethiopian/Abyssinian Church. (AD unknown)
St Ywi                                Monk & Hermit at Lindisfarne, England. Ordained deacon by St Cuthbert. Relics and shrined at Wilton, nr Salisbury, England. (AD 690)

St Zoe                            Female martyr executed by Emperor Diocletian's persecution of the church. (AD 285)