Ecclesia Gnostica Pneumatica
Ecclesia Gnostica Pneumatica (Spiritual Gnostic Church) is an esoteric, spiritualist and gnostic patriarchate, which cherishes an ancient tradition of spiritual initiation through sacramental transmission of Holy Spirit. It also serves as a branch of Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis (Neo-Pythagorean Gnostic Church, Chicago, Illinois, USA) for the region of South-East Europe.
Ecclesia Gnostica Pneumatica formally came into being in 2006, after its founding Bishop Tau Elohael (Emir Michael Salihovich) was consecrated into episcopate of the Gnostic ecclesia by Bishop Michael Paul Bertiaux of Chicago, Illinois.
After his return to the Balkans, Tau Elohael started public lecturing and consecrated several individuals from Croatia and Serbia into Holy Orders, and formally established the seat of Ecclesia Gnostica Pneumatica in Belgrade, Serbia.
In 2008 Tau Elohael also consecrated to the Gnostic episcopate the Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Hieroglyphica from Poland, Tau Orestos, and in that way gave a contribution to the revival of Gnostic current in that country.
Today, a number of individuals from Belgrade are studying for diaconate and priesthood under the guidance of Tau Elohael, and Gnostic, esoteric Masses are being served every week in Belgrade, in the homes of the initiates.
Formal authority of Ecclesia Gnostica Pneumatica is based on transmission of Apostolic Succession, and its sacraments and ceremonies are recognisably Christian in their outward form. The church accepts, respects and studies ageless wisdom of many other spiritual and religious schools, from different times and cultures, developing a highly eclectic approach to personal spiritual work. The Ecclesia Gnostica Pneumatica is a member of the Independent Liberal Catholic Fellowship.