Old Catholic Apostolic Church
Liberal CatholicsThe Old Catholic Apostolic Church (OCAC) is an worldwide catholic church in the Liberal Tradition. It follows with other independent catholics from Bishop Wedgewood and Bishop Leadbeater, and the Old Catholic line from Utrecht. Used to be called The Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church (LCAC) but changed name in 2012 to reflect the history, succession and charism that the church celebrates. OCAC is the present-day custodian of a tradition of inclusive Christian liberalism whose immediate origins are to be found in the early years of the twentieth-century and whose ultimate antecedents are in the pre-Constantinian church.

Unlike many churches, the OCAC  is non-dogmatic in nature, standing firmly in the historic and yet Liberal Christian traditions, and is open to the insights of all faiths and philosophies. This openness means that the Old Catholic Apostolic Church has a unique spiritual character and appeal, and that its mission reaches beyond conventional boundaries to embrace a genuine universality. We see our work as firmly grounded in the wish of Jesus Christ that His church strive to attain unity in the face of its differences, and thus conceive the OCAC as a primarily ecumenical mission church. The Church has provinces and dioceses worldwide.

The OCAC derives its Apostolic Successions from the historic Churches of the East and West, and has successions from six major strands.  The OCAC has historical ties with the Liberal Catholic movement,
the Apostolic Episcopal Church and the Order of Corporate Reunion. Generally, the OCAC has productive relationships with many churches, catholic and non-catholic and is spiritual protector of the worldwide Independent Liberal Catholic Fellowship. The OCAC is governed by a College of Bishops, maintains a number of Religious Societies and Religious Orders. It is organised in the diocesan model, along with numerous religious societies and Orders, working in all parts of God's Kingdom, and has a hardworking, co-operative clergy.

The Old Catholic Apostolic Church (Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church as it was then) is a founding member of the Independent Catholic Churches Council (ICCC)
There are a number of religious orders and societies in the church: follow the links below.


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