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The Order of Corporate Reunion (OCR) was formed in 1874 at the instigation of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Milan as a means to promote the reunion of the Church of England with Rome through the provision of an unquestionably valid Apostolic Succession. At that time, there was considerable public controversy as to the validity of Anglican orders in Roman eyes, with the Papal Bull ‘Apostolicae Curae’ deciding that issue firmly in the negative. The Order did not succeed in attracting the official support of the Church of England and became dormant soon after its inception, only to be revived under Archbishop Arnold Harris Mathew in 1909. The mission of the revived OCR initially caused great controversy since it involved the subconditional ordination of many Anglican clergy who were concerned that their initial orders were invalid.

The work of the OCR has continued to promote Corporate Reunion under the Pope in his former role as Patriarch of the West. Today it has developed into an ecumenical organization that works quietly among a number of churches and communities. Headquartered in New York, USA, its Universal Primate is Archbishop Peter Paul Brennan. The OCR is listed here as a 'denomination' as it has a Primate and clergy representation. 

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