Old Roman Catholic Church

The Old Roman Catholic Church is an
Independent Catholic denomination and was founded by Arnold Harris Mathew, Old Catholic Church bishop for England, on 29 December 1910.  The Old Catholic Church holds close to ideas of ecclesiastical liberalism and is not associated with the Roman Catholic Church nor general protestantism. While the term "Old Roman Catholic Church" is sometimes treated as synonymous with "Old Catholic Church", the Old Roman Catholic Church, unlike the OCC, does not fully reject the dogmas of papal infallibility, and primacy of the Roman Pontiff. Old Roman Catholic Churches do not require clerical celibacy, and ordain married men to the priesthood. Some Old Roman Catholic jurisdictions are also open to ordination of homosexuals and women, while others are more conservative on these issues.

Bishop Mathew issued a declaration of independence of his followers from what he called "Continental Old Catholics" (Utrecht Union) and listed "nine points of difference" between the two groups. In 1914, Bishop Mathew appointed Bishop Rudolph Francis Edward Hamilton de Lorraine-Brabant, Prince de Landas Berghes, as Bishop of Scotland. Bishop Berghes emigrated at the outbreak of World War 1 and established the ministry of the Old Roman Catholic Church in the United States. Shortly thereafter, Father Carmel Henry Carfora, an Italian Franciscan friar who had left the Roman Catholic Church, was elected to succeed Bishop de Landes Berghes as Old Roman Catholic
Archbishop in America. Following Archbishop Carfora's death in 1958, the Old Roman Catholic Denomination evolved into several autonomous ecclesial bodies. These groups are neither in full communion with the Holy See of Rome nor with the Old Catholic Utrecht Union. At times in their history there have been quite severe differences amongst themselves too.

Archbishop Bernard Mary Williams was the successor to Archbishop Arnold Harris Mathew in the Old Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain and established the strongly traditionalist and conservative pattern still followed by that church's successors. His conception of the ORCCGB was as a Uniate Rite conforming to the Roman Catholic Church in most respects, but differing in the admission of a married priesthood and a vernacular liturgy.
The Liberal Catholic Church was one of several developments of the original Old Catholic Mission, from which it differed on the question of Theosophy.

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