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I was in training for the priesthood when I met the girl who would become my wife.  I promised her that I would not work in full time ministry. So I changed track, trained as a Local Preacher in the Methodist Church, and joined a team of preachers in the Methodist church called the Lock Plan, after Bill Lock, who ran it. I expanded this concept and with a group of likeminded Christians formed the Cross Denominational Mission. We provided preachers to rural churches that had difficulty finding preachers to lead sunday worship. Revd Adrian GloverWe later found ourselves taking funerals for the crematoria as there was at the time a severe shortage of people willing to do so. There was a ground swell of people who wanted to marry in places other than church buildings (or registry offices) and the law at that time did not permit such arrangements. We found a legal way round this and were inundated with weddings. My collegues and I ended up with a part time ministry which expanded to fit all available hours! However, I still felt called to ordained ministry and had to reconcile this with the promises I made to my wife. Part time non-stipendary (that is, unpaid) ministry was the answer. I worked alongside the Mission for Christ (Rural Evangelism) for a time, and this brought me into contact with the Apostolic Church. I was ordained in 1996. This truly was a part time ministry. When I moved to the other end of the country, the branch of the Apostolic church I worked with declined in the UK, despite being very large indeed in other parts of the world. I could serve in any part of the Apostolic church, of course, but a new chapter meant that my former work in the Cross Denominational Mission beckoned, and this time the work is internet based. I was later incardinated into the Liberal Rite (independent catholic) which itself later merged into the Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church. It had to be a liberal catholic rite as I am married and not celibate!  I am President of the Order of St Joseph, and a member of the Religious Society of St Simon. I'm also a clergy member of The Independent Liberal Catholic Fellowship and presiding Bishop as well as Titular Bishop of Naim in the Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church. I am honoured to have been invited to join the Sophia Circle, an organisation of Bishops independent of Rome, and the Order of Corporate Reunion. I serve as General Secretary of The Independent Catholic Churches Council and on the United Free Catholic Bishops Conference. I still serve part-time (which still expands to fit all available hours!) in keeping with my promise, and like other independent catholics I am expected to support myself so I work for a global public transport operator. 
Seal of Titular Bishop of Naim
+ Adrian
Rt. Revd. Adrian S. Glover OCR, OSJ, RSStS.
Pastor General, Cross Denominational Mission.
Titular Bishop of Naim - Mar Trimlett, & Presiding Bishop  Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church.
General Secretary of the Independent Catholic Churches Council
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Incardination into Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church
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Titular See of Naim
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Archbishop Johannes van Alphen (South Africa) world Statesman for Liberal Catholicism & Fr AdrianBishop Markus Van Alphen (Holland) & Fr Adrian

Titular Bishop of Naim

Fr Adrian & Bishop Charles Mugleston, Suffolk

Fr Adrian and Mar Alexi at investiture of Valiant Order of St John the Baptist, with Mar Johannes III who officiated. Oratory of the Holy Spirit, Hadley Wood.

Fr Adrian & Mr Michael Pengelly

Military ConnectionAfter Consecration, Golders Green, London.

Ordination to the Priesthood of Dorothy+ Shugrue