Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch

The Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch (Malabar Rite) describe themselves as a limb of the one Christian church, the Mystical Body of Christ and acknowledge the Christ as founder, living head, and eternal high priest. 

A Catholic Church in the original, universal, sense of that word as well as in their form of sacramental worship. Neither Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, nor Protestant, though they trace their Holy Orders, or “apostolic succession” through Roman Catholic and Orthodox lines.

They hold that the sacraments are visible signs of a manifestation of divine grace, and are powerful aids to spiritual growth. Holy Eucharist (Communion), Reconciliation (Penance), Holy Unction (healing of the sick), and Holy Matrimony are made available to all who seek them. Baptism is the rite of formal initiation into Christ's church Confirmation seals the commitment to a Christian way of life and Holy Orders are an initiation available to those who wish to serve as clergy.
The Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch are a modern church, maintaining that eternal truth cloaks itself in garb appropriate to the age, and that the outward form of religion should keep pace with human development. Their form of Independent Catholicism embodies an ancient truth for a new age, they do not shrink from new knowledge: but provide an intelligent alternative traditional worship with the free exploration of new ideas and techniques.

Their church is a spiritual fellowship of followers of the Spirit and a church of love. "We accept Saint John's testimony that God is Love For us, Christ's ministry is the law of love: “Love the Lord, thy God, with thy whole heart, thy whole mind and thy whole strength; and love thy neighbor as thyself. This is the whole of the Law and the prophets.” Saint Augustine epitomized Christian ethics in the precept, “Love and do as you will.”
The Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch maintain that the Holy Spirit acts through pure channels everywhere, regardless of age, sex, race, creed or culture. There is only one true God, however this God is known or worshipped; hence, there is eternally only one holy universal Church, regardless of the cultural form it happens to assume in a given time and place. They revere the saints, sages, and holy ones of all ages and places. They describe the one true God as speaking with both feminine and masculine voices: "We listen for it. We maintain that God touches us in many ways. We respond. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine manifest through and in us. We act. We seek not one or the other, but rather the co-mingling and integration of all that is God. Experienced inwardly and expressed outwardly, the Divine Presence moves us with Grace toward a stillpoint where we can abide in Peace, rest in God, and co-exist with all that is."

A mystical church, a spiritual church and a sacramental church and hold that the chief purpose of the church is to perpetuate the historical sacramental tradition as instituted by Jesus Christ, and as preserved through apostolic succession. The sacraments are channels of divine grace and should be easily available to all. All reverent persons are welcome to receive the sacraments, whether members of the Church of Antioch or not. The Church of Antioch is a member of the Independent Catholic Churches Council.

Holy Orders are open to all, regardless of gender, marital status, or sexual orientation, Whilst valuing of the principle of the “priesthood of the laity,” but also recognizing the importance of valid of Holy Orders for the administration of the sacraments

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