Apostolic Church
Founded in 1908, the Apostolic Church was the first Pentecostal church in Great Britain. Founded By Rev William Oliver Hutchinson, the Emmanuel Hall was built in a suburb of Bournemouth on 5th Nov 1909. The church grew rapidly, and spread all over the UK and then through missionary work, the entire world. The church has split several times into several branches, seemingly growing each time.  The majority of members suceeded after schism to Penygroes, in Wales and were called simply the Apostolic Church. Rev Daniel P Williams and his brother being the prime force in this move in 1916.

Once removed from what they saw as the limitations of the ministry from Bournemouth, the welsh grew and grew, founding congregations and schools. The Penygroes International Bible College being world famous for its devout and thorough teaching. The remaining members who looked to the 'original' work in Bournemouth continued to call themselves the Apostolic Faith Church after the division. The publication created by W. O. Hutchinson, 'Showers of Blessing' enjoyed a large circulation and continued after his death. Further divisions occured over whether to continue to support the founders trinitarian views or not resulting in a rapid decline at the original church and its connexion of congregations. Further church plantings and indeed divisions resulted and now there are
Apostolic churches all over the world, of varying names (Christ Apostolic Church, First Apostolic Church, United Apostolic Faith Church, etc). The original name of Apostolic Faith Church is still much used on the African Continent. The original Root church (formerly Emmanuel Hall) where it started still stands (although on a greatly reduced site) but is now not used.
The Logo of the Apostolic Faith Church, the origin of the Apostolic Churches movement is shown on the left.
The photograph on the right shows the interior of the Emmanuel Hall, where the entire Apostolic worldwide church started.


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