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Logo of the Archdiocese of the Holy SpiritThe Free Catholic Archdiocese of the Holy Spirit are part of the Free Catholic church, the Mystical Body of Christ and acknowledge the Christ as founder, living head, and eternal high priest.  A Catholic Church in the original, universal, sense of that word as well as in their form of sacramental worship. They trace their Holy Orders, or “apostolic succession” through Liberal Catholic, Old Catholic, Roman Catholic and Orthodox lines.

The Free Catholic Archdiocese of the Holy Spirit are a community of dioceses, parishes, religious orders, apostolates and ministries of the Free Catholic Church. In all the church does, Unity Diversity and Love are their guiding principles. Everyone is welcome in their communities and churches.

Their vision and mission is described as:
Vision to listen to God's people and empower them to participate fully in the Mystery of Faith.
Mission: the church, because it is the people of God and the Body of Christ enlivened by His Spirit, is called to be a sign and instrument of communion with God and of unity among all people. The church exists to promote the Kingdom of God on earth. It does this by proclaiming Christ - the Good News of God's love for all people - and by working in the world for justice, peace and reconciliation.

Free Catholic Archdiocese of the Holy Spirit, USA
Free Catholic Church

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