Independent Catholic Churches Council

Churches that are Members of ICCC

The Independent Catholic Churches Council
is an organisation for the promotion of co-operation between Independent Catholic and Free Catholic Churches and the basis of our agreement is the Anglican/Old Catholic Bonn Agreement of 1931.

Churches that wish to affiliate with ICCC need to:-
(i) Be properly constituted churches in the Apostolic Succession.
(ii) Have a recognisable structure enabling effective oversight of clergy and congregations.
(iii) Have an outlook of friendship and respect for other churches.

There is no need to accept this doctrine or that, nor to promote one scheme of sacrament above another. There is nothing to be gained from evaluating one church against another, except to recognise that diversity is part of God's plan, be it in creation or in His Church.

Churches that are Members of ICCC

Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch
Ecclesia Gnostica

The Old Catholic Apostolic Church

The Free Catholic Archdiocese of the Holy Spirit
The Liberal Catholic Church (Theosophia Synod)
The Free Apostolic Communion
The Australian Old Catholic Church
The United Free Catholic Church

De Jonge Rite

Persons on the Council
How does a Church join or express an interest?

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