Independent Catholic Churches Council

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The Independent Catholic Churches Council
is an organisation for the promotion of co-operation between Independent Catholic and Free Catholic Churches and the basis of our agreement is the Anglican/Old Catholic Bonn Agreement of 1931.

The Council meets quarterly by electronic means, and annually at a suitable venue. The members are in regular contact in the course of their work as clergy of their churches. Within the council are many years of experience and a considerable resource of knowledge. Advice and expertise are available freely to member churches.

Members of ICCC

The Rt Revd. Adrian S. Glover - General Secretary
The Rt Revd. Charles Mugleston - Council Member
The Rt Revd. Emir Salihovic - Ecclesia Gnostica
The Rt Revd. Mark Elliott Newman - Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch
The Rt Revd. Leon Hunt - Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch, UK
The Rt Revd. Paul Zimmerman, Australian Old Catholic Church
The Late Rt Revd. Mark Leaval - United Free Catholic Church
The Rt Revd Louise Lombard - De Jonge Rite

Churches affiliated to the ICCC
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The General Secretary of the Independent Catholic Churches Council