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The Chapel of St Michael & All Angels is a functioning part of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church, part of the worldwide catholic movement in the liberal tradition.  In July 2008 we had to move into temporary accomodation as 
we had a roof leak which caused much water damage. St Michaels was then housed in part of a large shed. In 2009 we re-roofed the chapel and redecorated although we only missed two weeks of 'proper' worship during the three month's disruption. We have two small bells on the roof and a carillion of tubular bells inside. A small number of Holy Relics are held, including one of St Therese of Liesuex.
We can hold twenty worshippers, but we also send reserved sacrament to those unable to attend in person. There is a sanctuary, main body of the chapel and a vestry area at the back  and we have a granite altar stone under the main altar at the east end.
In addition to our main altar, we have a small side altar dedicated to Our Holy Lady.
St Michaels is often used for ordinations and special services within OCAC.

Left: St Michaels showing main and side altars. Right: Chapel of St Michaels, Old Catholic Apostolic Church. Far Right: Sanctuary and credence area.

Vestry area of the Chapel (not the tidiest part!)

Sundays 10.30 and/or 6.30 pm: Eucharist 
(Tridentine Rite in the vernacular). We use incense and ring hand bells.
Thursdays 8pm: Benediction or a service of Vespers.
Thanksgiving Services, and Prime, Matins, Terce, Sext and Complin are occasionally held.
Holy Days are always honoured as are some Saints Days.

Special services by arrangement.
St Michael, archangel, protector.

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