Free to Use Service Material

On this page will you will find pre-prepared service sheets, orders for worship, prayers and other worship material. They are all in PDF format, and you can print them off and insert the hymns and themes and tailor them to the specific circumstances. Many of the 'high' churches and other liturgical denominations already have plenty of this sort of material. Less liturgical churches have greater freedom of expression, perhaps, but with that comes the problem of 'what shall I preach about?' Make use of any or all of the material here, which we will update on a regular basis.  Some are complete forms of worship, and you can print off one for each member of the congregation which forms the service sheets.
The only conditions of use are: they are not to be used for profit, that is, don't sell them. They are not to be used in a negative or derogatory manner. Please hold the richness of the various denominations and their variations in prayer. Pray for co-operation and understanding amongst them. Please also pray for the work of the Cross Denominational Mission, and members of the mission's team. These are the only conditions of use we ask.

Example of how this service material works

Carol Service
Leaders Notes for Carol Service

Order for Morning Prayer.

Order for School Assembly

Order for Admission of Minor Order (minor cleric)

Order for Holy Communion
Liberal Catholic/Independant Catholic Rite of Holy Eucharist
Order for Liberal Catholic Eastern Rite Mass
Order for Mass of the Mother (a gender-neutral Mass)
Order for infant Baptism Liberal Catholic/Independant Catholic rite
Confirmation Service  Liberal Catholic/Independant Catholic rite
Ordination of Sub-deacons
The Consecration of Bishops
Order for a funeral service

Order for blessing a marriage

Order for Marriage

Order for Healing Service

Prayers before the service (Vestry Prayers, Preparing for worship)
A Prayer of Intercession (intended for public worship)
Introductory Sentences

Prayers (themed)

Prayers for the Offering/collection

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Closing prayers and benedictions

Special Services

Blessing of Holy Water
Blessing of Church Bells
Order for Ordination of Pastor or Presbyter Minister
Blessing of Holy Oils & Consecration of Chrism
Blessing of Altar Ware & Regalia
Consecration of Altar Jewels
Ash Wednesday
Maundy Thursday Service including washing of feet

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

Easter Day




Publication: The Science of the Sacraments, an esoteric view of sacramental worship. OCAC no longer considers esoteric belief essential. However, this is a very valuable insight into gnosticism and esoteric exploration of spirituality, but please note: the Science of the Sacraments does not represent OCAC policy or belief.

OCAC Material
Duties and Roles of those in Minor Orders
Working through the Minor Orders
Duties and Roles of those in Holy Orders
Duties for CDM Pastors in OCAC
Oath of Allegiance (for clergy)
Music for Old Catholic Apostolic Church liturgies