Mike Young RSStS

Mr Mike Young, RSStS - Lay Cleric. Mike comes from a Quaker background and holds interests in the liberal, progressive catholic traditions.
Mike has a deep and  abiding appreciation of Julian of Norwich ( who wrote among her many inspiring and inspired words, "The great honour we can give to Almighty God, greater than all our sacrifices and mortifications, is to live gladly, joyfully, because of the knowledge of His love".)

He joined the Liberal Catholic Church in 1995, receiving confirmation from the late Bishop Johannes van Alphen and continues his affiliation with membership of the Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church.

Mike has a wide and varied understanding of denominational history and leads the PrayerTree, an organised circle of people and congregations that systematically and regularly hold important issues, and people in need, before the Throne of Grace in prayer.

In secular life he has a Civil Service background, and is a family man.

He is a member of the Religious Society of St Simon


Mike Young, RSStS.
PrayerTree Co-ordinator, Cross Denominational Mission.

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